Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poisoning Paradise documentary screens 6 Feb 2009

From Poisoning Paradise
To think it all comes from a dilapidated house in Alabama.

85% of the world's production ends up here in New Zealand.

It gets scattered over our beautiful national parks in the form of carrot and cereal baits. It's meant for the possums, but it's irresistible to everything that moves, from insects, dogs and goats, to deer, horses and sheep. Worst of all, native birds are dying for a taste too - kea, weka, kiwi, robins, fantails - and the substance that is supposed to improve their habitat, is actually killing them.

Know what we're talking about yet?

Three hundred and fifty people came to Hokitika from all over New Zealand to watch our preview screening of Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand, a new documentary about the use of 1080 in New Zealand. Most of the viewers already knew that animals die slow, painful deaths from eating 1080 dropped from the sky. But people were surprised to see

- how many animals are dying (It is calculated 100's of dogs, and over 10,000 deer - annually)
- that endangered animals are dying (1000's of native species, annually)
- that pets and domesticated animals are regular victims
- that the operators, and authorities, cover it up

It's gut-wrenching to hear farmers describing their animals as they die excruciating deaths. But when the same people say that the authorities will pay compensation for their animals as long as they write on the invoice that it is for track maintenance or stock feed, it's sickening.

The general public need to see this documentary. Spread the news. It's time to get rid of 1080 once and for all.


  1. Fabulous work. Kia kaha.

  2. Clyde and Steve, you guys are true patriots, good work and thanks for your ongoing efforts to rid New Zealand of the insidious practice of indiscriminately poisoning the country with 1080. I look forward to seeing your documentary and to the day we can toast your efforts in a 1080-free Aotearoa.

  3. Thankyou Clyde and Steve for efforts to highlight to The unknowing and the ignorant of the terrible effects this poison has on our environment. I to have seen sights I would prefer to forget, like piles of snails, dead of coarse, in our beautiful forests.

  4. Its about time someone stood up and made people aware of the true facts of 1080. I would like to thank you both on your great effort and also look foward to lifting a glass to a 1080-free nz, cheers

  5. Great work. Every time I think of just the decline in kea numbers, which I have observed over the years ... I can hardly bear to think about it. I am going to put in a link to your blog.

  6. just googled this after reading the ABC article today about the mountain climber.

    Good work.

    This practice must be stopped by whatever means is necessary.

  7. please put this up on youtube and circulate.

  8. Thanks for highlighting a terrible problem.

  9. just watching the doco on 60mins well done for the eye opening experience just imagion all the hunters that get the deer thats just eaten the 1080 just b4 the hunters killed it they will be piosoned to the first time i heard bout it was wen i was at primary school went to the stratford district concil and we could touch it (dumb doc pricks) i thought it was brilliant till a year later wen i told dad and he told me wat it does to everything else i was shocked ive hated doc since they can spend hundreds of thousands on helicopters and pellets and instead they could employ quite a few trappers and do it that way and not kill pigs deer goats she and wat ever else isnt *target species* im so discusted in this government they spread it so close to the road down the south island we had to wind up windows we could see it claerly wat the were spreading shame on you doc! why cant we give those bas*&^#s some 1080 then they no how the stock dies and native birds

  10. Thank you guys for your on going work and dedication. The Department of CULLING has done it again now .450m from our houses in Shakespear - Whangaparaoa with Brodifacoam - just as bad as 1080. These poisons were banned in 3rd world countries in the 1950's. Why the hell is New Zealand (Clean, Green - JOKE!!!!) still using these poisons? .
    Wendy Hammond