Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poisoning Paradise wins in Japan

Poisoning Paradise has just picked up its 3rd international film festival award. This time, in Japan.

Please press this link for details.

Steve and I would like to thank those people who participated in this documentary, and those who have supported the making and the promoting of the film.

To appear in this film took courage. Some people were too afraid to appear on camera, but told of their experiences. Others have told of threats, and warnings if they speak out or speak against 1080. Others have been blacklisted. All of these people knew they would be ridiculed, attacked, smeared, and humiliated by the authorities, departments, and the people that support this out-of-touch-with-reality practice - but did so anyway. Thank goodness for these brave people, or there would be little documented evidence of the ecocide that is taking place in this country.

Poisoning Paradise includes many, many testimonies from victims of 1080 drops. It contains indisputable evidence that the aerial poisoning operations are cruel, on a massive scale. It includes analysis from many scientists, revealing how poor the research used to support the use of 1080, really is. Disturbing information, footage, and many other cans of worms are opened, and will shock viewers. What's disturbing is - it's fact!

The negative impact these poison drops are having, will, one day be acknowledged and accepted as a sad period in New Zealand history - and I hope that the people who dared to speak out, to tell the truth, and to present the evidence - for no reward - will live to see that day.

If you haven't watched Poisoning Paradise, please click on the link below...

Monday, August 1, 2011

0800 Free-call Number for Victims of 1080 Poison Operations

A free-call 0800 phone number has been set up by a group based on the West Coast of the South Island.
They want to hear from people who have been poisoned after aerial 1080 poison operations, or who have had their pets or livestock poisoned, even if historical.

To read the full story, please click on this link 0800 Free-call Number for Victims of 1080 Poison Operations