Monday, April 6, 2009

DOCUMENTARY NOT FAIR MINDED! minister of conservation.

On the 26th of March, a fellow 1080 battler received a reply to some questions, directed to the Minister of Conservation.

Among other thoughtful responses, the Minister stated that the new documentary "Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand" was biased, and its apparent agenda was to prove that we should ban the use of 1080.
Spot on! This is absolutely and unashamedly correct!

The Minister went on to say that it was not a balanced assessment of benefits and risks of 1080. Also correct.

For over 30 years New Zealand has been dumping 1000's of tonnes of 1080 bait into its environment, annually. Scientific studies have indicated, and demonstrated, concerning consequences for decades. Has there ever been any public mention of these findings??? Not ever!

Native birds have been devastated for years, has there ever been any public mention of such ecocide??? Not ever! (The Kea report was believed to be leaked to media, which was unfortunate for DoC)

For decades live stock has been killed regularly, and hidden with confidentiality agreements, and false invoices....intentional suppression??? Always.

The Government even owns the factory that imports and manufactures the poison. Any public mention??? Not ever!

The Minister of Conservation suggests we are being biased in our presentation of the facts! However, the new documentary is simply delivering the other side of the story, the side that has been suppressed by biased users of 1080, for decades.

Instead of being concerned at what New Zealand's environment is being subjected to, undeniable evidence is dismissed as bias, so therefore, it seems, not worthy of appropriate, urgent action. A very biased approach indeed!

On 5 occasions the Department of Conservation has been requested, politely, desperately, for an interview - to give their side of the story - their response, among others, they are not interested in what a couple of brothers are doing. Fair enough.

There was no room for propaganda on this documentary. We, along with many other New Zealanders, scientists and experts, have found no benefits to the use of 1080 in New Zealand. And as scientists appearing on our doco say - there is not one credible scientific study that shows a benefit to any native species, not one!

But get this straight - 1080 kills, and it kills with great efficiency. So, if that is the benefit...well, I guess the pushers are right, in that one area. It does kill - it kills everything, from Earthworms to Elephants!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We were about to release a full length version of the new doco, and requested a final scrutinisation from some of the scientists involved.
They recommended it be re-edited - to a shorter, more scientifically appropriate, and more compelling length - this went down like a tonne of 1080 on a Kiwi sanctuary...nearly wiped us out!
But fortunately, we have these guys looking out for us, and working with us, because of course, they are right.
So it's back to the editing desk, trawling through the huge amount of evidence, trying to compact what stays in, and identify what's tossed out.

So, there will be a delay of another couple of weeks - but, we believe, it will be worth it.

Back to the battle fields........