Monday, December 21, 2009


In 2007, two highly qualified scientists submitted an appraisal to the ERMA review on the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand. Taking over 6 months of their time to complete, WITHOUT remuneration, this work was a gift of great value to New Zealand, and should be acknowledged as such.

If you are interested, or concerned, about the use of 1080 in New Zealand, and would like to engage in the debate with a better understanding of the science supporting its use - then PLEASE click on the link below, and read through these scientists appraisal. But be warned, it is disturbing.......

It was about 2006, when the Department of Conservation informed these two retired scientists, (now naturalised Kiwi's, retired and living on the Coromandel Peninsula),
that aerial 1080 was used in New Zealand forests to control possums.
Up until then, these scientists had little interest in 1080, or how it was used. It was when the DoC agent informed them that 1080 was a species specific poison (killing only possums and rats) that their interest was ignited - as this was an extraordinary claim.

Dr. Quinn Whiting-Okeefe was an Associate Professor at the University of California, and specialised in scientific study design and evaluation.

Dr. Pat Whiting-Okeefe was an Associate Professor at San Francisco State University.

Both Whiting-Okeefe scientists appear in the Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand documentary.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A statement from Clyde Graf

In 2008, with my brother Steve, I became involved with the production of the controversial documentary - Poisoning Paradise.

While filming and interviewing for the documentary, it was revealed by scientists that there is not one credible scientific study that shows a net population benefit to any native species through the use of 1080 poison.

There is no regard for animal welfare. Tens of thousands of animals die a horrible death, every year, through the use of this poison. Many others are half poisoned, left suffering, and in some cases, recover with permanent disability.

Enough poison is spread across farms and forests every year, to kill the population of New Zealand, five times over.

This poison is entering the food chain of our wildlife - our food chain - and there is little regard for where it terminates.

The documentary project was undertaken, so that the public could be offered this information.

Due to growing concern, and increased profile, from involvement with the Poisoning Paradise documentary, I wish to disclose the following.

In Australia, in 1986, I was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for bank robbery.

I entered the banks alone, and no one was physically injured. A replica pistol was used, and although this does not mitigate the seriousness of my actions, no one could have been shot, but me. (Police in Australia carry sidearms, which I support)
It is important to note that my brother Steve, in no way, had anything to do with this crime period.

I was young and foolish, and regret my actions.

I thank family and friends for their support, and I apologise to all the people involved with the Poisoning Paradise project, if I have caused embarrassment, or offence.

Because of my past, it would have been easier to have ignored the project, and ignore the information that was revealed.

However, I stand by my decision to produce, with my brother Steve, the Poisoning Paradise documentary. This in no way changes my determination to fight the use of 1080 in our country.

Clyde Graf