Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A statement from Clyde Graf

In 2008, with my brother Steve, I became involved with the production of the controversial documentary - Poisoning Paradise.

While filming and interviewing for the documentary, it was revealed by scientists that there is not one credible scientific study that shows a net population benefit to any native species through the use of 1080 poison.

There is no regard for animal welfare. Tens of thousands of animals die a horrible death, every year, through the use of this poison. Many others are half poisoned, left suffering, and in some cases, recover with permanent disability.

Enough poison is spread across farms and forests every year, to kill the population of New Zealand, five times over.

This poison is entering the food chain of our wildlife - our food chain - and there is little regard for where it terminates.

The documentary project was undertaken, so that the public could be offered this information.

Due to growing concern, and increased profile, from involvement with the Poisoning Paradise documentary, I wish to disclose the following.

In Australia, in 1986, I was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for bank robbery.

I entered the banks alone, and no one was physically injured. A replica pistol was used, and although this does not mitigate the seriousness of my actions, no one could have been shot, but me. (Police in Australia carry sidearms, which I support)
It is important to note that my brother Steve, in no way, had anything to do with this crime period.

I was young and foolish, and regret my actions.

I thank family and friends for their support, and I apologise to all the people involved with the Poisoning Paradise project, if I have caused embarrassment, or offence.

Because of my past, it would have been easier to have ignored the project, and ignore the information that was revealed.

However, I stand by my decision to produce, with my brother Steve, the Poisoning Paradise documentary. This in no way changes my determination to fight the use of 1080 in our country.

Clyde Graf


  1. I'm proud of you for taking on this battle even though you risked exposing something from your past that might be used against you. I hope people appreciate what you are currently doing for them.

  2. as a along time volunteer on species recovery projects in very hostile terrain what I appreciate is that those of us doing the hard work, and it's not just DoC, don't want to use poison, but we don't want to lose our birds and forests even more. Funny thing ..in all the years on the front line of hard core conservation I've never once met anyone anti-1080.

  3. Good on you Clyde.
    I am concerned at the muck-raking exercises currently being undertaken by the people whom I call the "Uglies". Such is the level of my disquiet, I have an overwhelming temptation to hire the right people and do some serious muck-raking myself. Watch this space.

  4. The person above who wrote that in all this time they never met an anti-1080 person is either deaf as well as dumb, or an extremely poor listener. I feel sorry for this person actually, and I strongly suspect the person is a financial beneficiary of the 1080 racket.

  5. what a strange person - someone who not only believes 1080 to be the answer to saving our birds and forests (what a joke!) but hasn't met anyone anti-1080. Does this person live on another planet perhaps? Either way - credibility is ZERO. Why don't these weirdo's just go away and take their nonsence with them.

  6. Robbing an Australian bank is nowhere near as bad as an underarm bowl or punching Howie from behind. All part of being great New Zealander i reckon.

  7. Mike (www.facebook.com - Group: 'Poison the 1080')December 2, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    Good on ya Clyde.

    It's taken real guts to stand up and tell the world where you went wrong, all in the name of helping New Zealand and it's people wake up to the shameful truth about what’s going on in our forests.

    And to the person who'd never met an anti-1080 champion, name the time and place and you can meet a whole bloody lot.

  8. Thanks for your honesty Clyde with regard to your past, and thank you for your continued commitment to revealing the 1080 disgrace that exists in our fine country. You have served your time and met your dues, it is now high time for those in power to make remedy for theirs with regard to this poison.

  9. Clyde to put it into perspective what you did in Australia is insignificant compared to what AHB & DoC are doing to our country now. You have always had my backing and always will. Darryn Cosgrave Rotorua Branch NZDA.

  10. Well as to the time and place ... anytime is good for killing rats,stoats and possums but most species projects really need all hands on board from very early spring thru to early summer. You'll need to be able to live in a tent for weeks on end, wake well before dawn and spend up to 12 hours a day tramping and navigating in thick broken terrain. As for place..contact your local DoC, or Forest n Bird for a suitable project.

  11. p.s go to www.waiheke.tv for coool vids and hot links to university science blogs, research papers, and heaps more!!

  12. Good on ya Clyde - we've all made mistakes

    This in no way changes my views on the 1080 matter nor deters me of my support for what you and you're brother have embarked on.

    If anything, DoC and the AHB should be sentenced for their crimes against our paradise...

    Keep up the fight. Kia Kaha

  13. Is your paradise full of rats, stoats, deer and pigs? Are there any native birds left in your 'paradise'?

  14. My paradise is still full of native birds. They all flocked to my property after what resembled a 'nuclear bomb' was dropped by my farming neighbour.
    Because she didn't get her own way in wanting 1080 poison dropped 50 metres from my home,birds are still alive and I am feeding them.
    If birds could talk they'd be questioning why this farming neighbour of mine decided on having an overseas trip at the same time that she decided to have 1080 dumped all over my doorstep

  15. People who have made a youthful mistake and served their punishment,and have come out determined to lead a socially useful life, should be allowed to have a fresh start.To put things in perspective, let us remember that several NZ banks recently lost a Supreme court case for robbing millions from the NZ taxpayer!
    Great work Clyde with your documentaries. Lots of people I know haven't been put off by the attempted smear campaign. Good luck with the EW election!