Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What can you do?

We're back home from the South Island and we know that after seeing the documentary, you're desperate to make a difference somehow. We're going to put lots of ideas on the blog - bit by bit - but to start with, send an email expressing your concerns to the government ministers ...

Minister of Tourism
Hon John Key - Leader
Email - john.key@national.org.nz


Minister of Finance
Hon Bill English - Deputy Leader National Party
Email - bill.english@national.org.nz


Minister of Agriculture
Hon David Carter
Email - david.carter@national.org.nz


Minister of Trade & Minister of Conservation
Hon Tim Groser
Email - tim.groser@national.org.nz


Minster for the Environment
Hon Dr Nick Smith
Email - nick.smith@national.org.nz

Minister for Food Safety
Hon Kate Wilkinson
Email - kate.wilkinson@national.org.nz


Minister of Health
Hon Tony Ryall
Email - tony.ryall@national.org.nz


Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Hon Christopher Finlayson
Email - c.finlayson@parliament.govt.nz

Thanks for your support during our trip in the South Island. Let's continue the pressure now. Every letter you send makes a difference. These ministers have to know how many people want aerial 1080 stopped.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Te Anau - what a fantastic spot - and terrific, caring people.

At least 120 folk packed into the Te Anau Club. We even had to extend the room. The crowd were quiet, absorbing the disturbing evidence that had been presented to them - the evidence that has been un-forthcoming for so long.

We had 55 at kaikoura, 200 at Oamaru, 35 at Gore. Haast is next. We're hoping for 20, (probably the population) at Haast.

It's always unpredictable, just how many battlers show up to these film nights.

The pushers of 1080, over the last 17 years, have done a great job of mis-informing the public, and only showing one side of the story - the side that is constantly stretched.

So it's an old subject, and after all, as the pushers constantly quote..ERMA gave us the go ahead!!

Albert Einstein once said - "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

We've all been led to believe that spreading toxins from the sky is the best thing since the establishment of DoC, however, as one scientist on our new doco told us when discussing this practice... "unfortunately we're all going to pay"!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have now visited 3 venues, of the 11 we have planned for the South Island. The response from attendees is consistent - shock, dismay, anger...

Our largest attendance so far was Oamaru, with 200 great people.

We now head to Te Anau, which is really heating up - great for mid-winter!

In fact, if you're cold in your district this winter, and need heating up, give us a yell, and we'll do a film night down your way....that'll get your blood going.

Ciao for now battlers, The Graf Boys.