Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Te Anau - what a fantastic spot - and terrific, caring people.

At least 120 folk packed into the Te Anau Club. We even had to extend the room. The crowd were quiet, absorbing the disturbing evidence that had been presented to them - the evidence that has been un-forthcoming for so long.

We had 55 at kaikoura, 200 at Oamaru, 35 at Gore. Haast is next. We're hoping for 20, (probably the population) at Haast.

It's always unpredictable, just how many battlers show up to these film nights.

The pushers of 1080, over the last 17 years, have done a great job of mis-informing the public, and only showing one side of the story - the side that is constantly stretched.

So it's an old subject, and after all, as the pushers constantly quote..ERMA gave us the go ahead!!

Albert Einstein once said - "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

We've all been led to believe that spreading toxins from the sky is the best thing since the establishment of DoC, however, as one scientist on our new doco told us when discussing this practice... "unfortunately we're all going to pay"!

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  1. thanks for coming to Hari Hari - we had a great turn out, I counted over 50 & a reliable person at the back counted 70. Most were numb after watching this film - we know it happens behind the curtain of our forests but seeing is an assault to the senses - you can not be unmoved - great photography & well researched - remember it is in the food chain and has caused a halt to some of our exports. Time to stop and recognise all the other alternatives. Stop the "well this is all we have got" That is rubbish we have a raft of options & can start with each & everyones own farm and district. DOC must realise what is killed so Forest & Bird and Greenpeace do not continue down this devastating line & farmers better get informed & serious about eradicating TB as this crap is dropped in their name - contact me any time for options if you are a farmer with problems, I really can help you sort your farm options out - Mary Molloy, Hari Hari 03753308