Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have now visited 3 venues, of the 11 we have planned for the South Island. The response from attendees is consistent - shock, dismay, anger...

Our largest attendance so far was Oamaru, with 200 great people.

We now head to Te Anau, which is really heating up - great for mid-winter!

In fact, if you're cold in your district this winter, and need heating up, give us a yell, and we'll do a film night down your way....that'll get your blood going.

Ciao for now battlers, The Graf Boys.

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  1. Well done, this film will be the biggest factor in getting people and politicians to listen and see for themselves the damage that 1080 is and will continue doing on many different levels. I, like many others, will not stop until 1080 is no more. Together people can move mountains and this film is the catalyst that will move people into doing something positive about it. Thank you and keep up the good work. Without you guys NZ would be facing a very depressing time.