Friday, November 13, 2009

60 MINUTES - The Chris Short Story

Chris Short, of Taupo, ventured up Mt Tongariro vowing not to return unless the
documentary Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand was shown on mainstream TV.

This is yet to happen, however, 60 Minutes is telling his story this Monday - the 16th of November, 7.30pm, TV3.


  1. Well done guys, more momentum... Some interesting comments coming through on the opinion page of TV3 (

  2. Hi Guys

    I'm a caller raising funds for Forest and Bird and over a period of time I have listened to a number of people, living near or working in NZ bushlands who tell me what they think and most especially what they have seen.

    1080 is purported to be an effective method of eliminating predators and we are supposed to believe the 'occasional' deaths of 'wanted' birds and animals in our forests are 'acceptable collateral damage in the path of protecting our bushland species overall.

    So what then of the numerous stories I am told that in bush areas after a 1080 drop the sounds of native birds and animals gradually decline often to eventually nothing.

    So, if this is so, and as it's corroberated by many different people from different areas it's likely to have some truth in it, just what are the boundares of 'acceptable collateral Damage'

    I'm not sure of the truth of this but I was also told by one guy that the goverment (labour) bought the last stocks of the now discontinued 1080 product for $18 million and its being made available so cheaply that it becomes an obvious choice as a cost saving exercise, but at what cost?

    This is the same kind of lunacy that allows people to buy the only product which, when used as intended, has a 50% mortality rate in the same outlets that sells them their daily foods & supplied. Milk, bread or deathsticks anyone?

    Its all about money and obviously the longevity of our environment must fall to short term profitmaking and political placement.

    Our world is a fantastic place yet it appears to be run by the fantastically stupid.

    These political ignorances are making our governments look like that grim reaper style guy spinning the dark 'wheel of fortune' in the intersection safety ads.

    Very similar except that with the 1080 and similar substances wheel spinning, we all lose together.

    Work hard, Graf boys, to get your documentaries on the air, or at least direct people to where they can view / download it.

    If enough people start jumping up and down and making a huge noise... then maybe....

    Well, I'm going to have a munch and wonder how much 1080 is in my meal having seeped in through various streams of our food chain. Its gotta be accumulating without a doubt.

    Thalidomide anyone??, yeah that was promoted as a good thing once too. I'm sure all those with related deformaties are watching this with interest.

    What happens next? Unless someone with power wakes up, it aint gonna be good.... for any of us!