Sunday, April 5, 2009


We were about to release a full length version of the new doco, and requested a final scrutinisation from some of the scientists involved.
They recommended it be re-edited - to a shorter, more scientifically appropriate, and more compelling length - this went down like a tonne of 1080 on a Kiwi sanctuary...nearly wiped us out!
But fortunately, we have these guys looking out for us, and working with us, because of course, they are right.
So it's back to the editing desk, trawling through the huge amount of evidence, trying to compact what stays in, and identify what's tossed out.

So, there will be a delay of another couple of weeks - but, we believe, it will be worth it.

Back to the battle fields........

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  1. I have been an adventure guide since 1979 and in that time have been responsible for 100's of thousands of international tourist and kiwis safety on our rivers and mountains. Through that time i have worked (battled) with the department of (conservation?) i feel like giving them another name. 5 years ago the white water rafting community applied through the west coast conservancy for concessions to raft west coast rivers Pristine world class rivers. Through the application process we were initially turned down because DOC were worries about us scaring the Blue Ducts down stream away from their homes. They said they were always going to take a precautionary approach and so in the end we formed a blue duck trust and showed them how we were going to mitigate their concerns. I know of other tourism venture that were turned down. One was a venture that flew tourist to a hill near Franz Josef. they were going to parachute clients off a small part of the side of the hill. DOC turned them down based on a small snail they might get disturbed by people being in the area. TRUE story. There are many more like it. DOC always say they must take a precautionary approach. that being the case why are they NOT taking a precautionary approach to 1080. It has been banned every where else in the world just like 245T and other chemicals had been several years ago and we were still ariel dressing it all over our land. DOC are committing genocide on our lands just like the days when we were spraying 245t on our farms. This practice was hushed because our government didn't want the world meat market to know we had sent them meat that was exposed. Now look at all the sick people in NZ. Its disgusting and i like you must do some thing about the poisoning of our forrest. and rivers.
    This from the Dairy industry this is by no means an isolated case. Once i stood in front of a tourism meeting and said the only reason NZ appears to be so green is because the crass grows fast over the rubbish so fast. Chemicals have and continue to poison our land and water ways. Now we have dead spots in the oceans and fish are turning up dead. thats our poisons doing that. If you keep you head in the sand and don't take a real good look you will always discuss such things and at the end of a conversation say oh well what can we do any way. If you do that then more fool you are. There is a solution to all this and I among many people i know are working toward change. We know we do not have much support from any government agency. So business and the public MUST get involved. Read learn. Write to DOC through the official information act. You have the right to receive a reply within 21 days of sending your letter. If you don't get a reply right to the ombudsman he/she will be very happy to chase your concerns.

    If you know of a 1080 drop in your area coming up take a shot gun and go shot some pigeons and other birds and animals at least they will have a quick death. And you will have a good feed from it. No thats no extreme its so called human. We just had a 1080 drop in tokaanu loads of the stuff and have not heard or seen our friendly Morepork since. missing in action presumed DEAD!!!!! they were o so friendly