Monday, August 1, 2011

0800 Free-call Number for Victims of 1080 Poison Operations

A free-call 0800 phone number has been set up by a group based on the West Coast of the South Island.
They want to hear from people who have been poisoned after aerial 1080 poison operations, or who have had their pets or livestock poisoned, even if historical.

To read the full story, please click on this link 0800 Free-call Number for Victims of 1080 Poison Operations



  1. The number is 0800 BAN 1080. What is "independent" about that? As for "credible", far from it. In reality, it will either be the same predicatable bunch of local antis with an axe to grind, or inundated with hyperchondriacs blaming everything from cancer to the common cold on 1080. If people have a serious health concern, they should contact a PROFESSIONAL. This kind of antic is extremely iresponsible.

  2. Fair enough. That would be the first thing people would do - contact a health professional.

    However, in regard to having their pets poisoned, stock poisoned, or any other thing poisoned - it's a great idea.

    In regard to the use of 1080, we certainly can't rely on those involved in the industry to keep accurate records. The PCE report proved that.