Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Work, DoC - Good Nature Traps

It's great to see that the Department of Conservation is working toward targeted, more efficient methods of pest control.
A new, humane, instant kill possum trap has been developed by private enterprise - Wellington business, Good Nature. The story appeared on a TV3 news item last night.
The trap can reportedly, kill 12 possums, before its propellant canister is required to be changed.

DoC state they spend around 20 million dollars per year on pest control. However, when taking into account the amounts spent by the AHB, Regional Councils and other departments, the NRCPB (National Research Centre for Possum Biocontrol) places the total, annual figure, at over 110 million dollars.

The current 110 million is spent to waste the possum, and contributes to contaminating our forests with poisons, and poisonous carcasses.
This money would be better spent on targeted pest management, improved track networks, and increasing the number of trappers huts throughout our forests.

Currently, over 100 million in revenue is brought into New Zealand by private possum product industries.
With further support, it is estimated this figure could be doubled.

These new self setting traps could be used in rough areas, too, although rough terrain areas are probably not needed to be managed, because possums, like the majority of birds prefer to live where the food supplies are more abundant, and where the temperatures and forest cover is more favorable.

Great work by DoC, and Good Nature.
Be sure to watch Poisoning Paradise by clicking the link below. It raises the importance and effectiveness of targeted pest control...

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