Thursday, July 14, 2011

Science vs Truth & Courage

The following paper highlights the fact that being a scientist is much like being any other industry employee. You're restricted from speaking out, and to do so comes with clear penalties. This unwritten covenant is alive and well in New Zealand. 
It seems truth is elusive, and something we should never expect ...


Why environmental scientists are afraid to speak out


"Suppose that an environmental scientist uncovers a risk to the public or the environment, for example a hazardous chemical, unanticipated ecological destruction from a planned development, or a flaw in data presented in an environmental impact statement. What then? Surely this information, after verification, should be quickly communicated to responsible authorities so that appropriate action can be taken. But what if the 'responsible authorities' have different priorities - or even are responsible for the problem?..."To read more, click here 

To watch Poisoning Paradise, click the link below...

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