Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doco viewing Otorohanga Friday 19th June @ 7.30 pm

The documentary is down to its final edits and will be ready for a proper viewing this Friday in Otorohanga.

Please come and support The Graf Boys, Kate Winters and others at the Otorohanga Working Men's Club at 7.30pm. Watch the documentary, discuss the issues and ask lots of questions. Thanks to John Moreland for organising such a great opportunity.

Where: Maniapoto Road (main road), Otorohanga (across the road from Subway at number 146).

$15 entry fee includes supper. Kate's books will also be available for sale.


  1. I went to this and had a great evening. I was very impressed by the dvd. You guys did a brilliant job. It was really informative. I learnt alot! It is unbelievable what is happening to our wildlife right under out noses. I cannot understand why 10/80 hasn't been banned? I CAN understand Clyde's frustration completely! I'm going to do my bit by purchasing your dvd and telling as many people as I can. It's great to see that there are some excerpts from your dvd on YOU TUBE and that they've had thousands of views. I hope to bump that up a bit by passing the links to them on. Every little bit helps! Wish you guys all the best with your endeavours. I hope that this disgusting poison can finally be banned!

  2. Thanks for turning up at Otorohanga, Leonie, and we appreciate your support.