Thursday, October 29, 2009


We are at Rotorua, showing Poisonoing Paradise - 6.30pm - at the Taharangi Marae, Thursday 29/10/09.
Tarewa Rd, off Lake Rd.


  1. Dear Clyde and Steve,
    Thank you for making the movie Poisoning Paradise, we saw it today at the Theosophical Society, Wellington. We will help Mark with his work and support to protect NZ. There can be no justification in causing such a painful death to any creature.
    We wish you both success in your endeavours to preserve the purity of NZ in every way.

    with regards,
    Sushma Webber

  2. Dear Sushma,
    many people actually believe that the death of rats, stoats, opossums, pigs,deers,dogs and cats is an acceptable price to pay for the protection and recovery of our forests and native bird populations.


  3. stop using that as your only justification for dumping this toxin in our environment. What about all the relatively unmeasured side effects to non-target, native species that also fall to the same fate?

    But I suppose you'll simply argue that you justify losing a certain population percentage of native species under the presumption that it's use has NET benefits.

    What a crock. Until there's more sufficient evidence of there being net positive benefits; this stuff should be banned outright.

    No one's saying no to pest control, we're just saying no to continuing widespread blanket dumps of this extremely hazardous toxin into our environment.

    There are cleaner, greener alternatives available