Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Believe me, this came as a big shock!

We've all heard about conspiracy theories, and how the baddies will stop at nothing to keep their wicked ways wrapped. But does it really happen?

Well, yesterday I received an email, cc'd from the director of the AMRITSA Film Festival network, in response to someone based in New Zealand, trying to "persuade" the Festival organisers not to run Poisoning Paradise. Below is the correspondence. Names have been hidden, for privacy reasons.

P.S. Just this morning, we heard the news that
Poisoning Paradise has also been accepted into
the revered Heart of England International Film
Festival, to run in August. This is now festival
number 3, and counting!


Subject: Poisoning Paradise is propaganda

Dear Director

I was very disturbed to read recently that Poisoning Paradise, a film by Clyde and Steve Graf of New Zealand , is to be shown at your festival. I am concerned that audiences unfamiliar with the issue in New Zealand would not recognise this film for what it is – a blatantly biased piece of propaganda paid for by the deer hunting lobby.

The film (it would be very wrong to call this a documentary) is also made by deer hunters, one of whom has been convicted of armed robbery. The very few so-called ‘experts’ that the brothers dredge up have no scientific standing in New Zealand . The ‘research’ is not peer reviewed and goes against all other scientific research in New Zealand (see the first link below).

Despite all their efforts, and financial backing, none of the television networks (public and private) in New Zealand have agreed to screen it for the reasons listed above. I believe that screening this rubbish would only lend credibility to these characters, and would reflect very badly on what looks like a fine festival that you run.

1080 is actually a critical tool in the battle to protect New Zealand ’s beloved native flora and fauna from introduced pests, and one that we cannot do without.

I have posted some links below that may be of interest and there is plenty more material that can be found.

I would appreciate it if you let me know what you decide to do on this matter.

Kind regards

Rxxxxxx Cxxxxxx

The Links....

An interview with Phil Brown, Programme Manager, Biodiversity, Auckland and some other DoC rangers who use 1080 as one of their tools on front line of native bird protection and recovery.

1080 Documentary wins Bent Spoon Award

1080 campaigner has bank robbery convictions

Poison pays off for endangered NZ bird
TV one news

Nuts to 1080 nutters, yes to bush and beef
By Jon Morgan – The Dominion Post

Over the Fence: It's 1080 hysteria - again
By Jon Morgan – The Dominion Post


Attention: Rxxxxx Cxxxxxx. (Name removed to protect identity of writer)

Our decision to screen this documentary film within the AMRITSA Film Festival network has been made and will NOT be reversed.

AMRITSA Film Festivals are dedicated to and based upon the right of the free expression of opinion.

This ‘right’ is one which we will hold to fast and maintain in the interest of debate.

Should YOU and or YOUR organisation wish to present an alternative point of view to that contained within ‘Poisoning Paradise’ then we suggest you submit a ‘film’ and it would be considered for screening.

Thanks for writing




  1. Keep pushing Graf's, but perhaps watch your backs - you know you've really struck a cord with the heavy weights of politicals if 1080 starts winding up in your direct water supplies ;)

    You are doing so many of us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I'm very pleased to read that the film festival have stuck by their principles of freedom to express opinion.

    You know what to expect next though don't you? A DoC funded doco in respite for 'Poisoning Paradise'.

    Have you got a back up plan?

    Keep fighting! Internationalise this issue as much as possible

  3. Does the doco formally direct where (international) people concerned can direct their comments / concerns?

    Perhaps you should put several of the ministers' email addresses at the end for anyone to jot them down!

  4. so Poisoning Paradise is a blow for free speech and independant film making but an answer from DoC and the thousands of kiwis who actually do conservation would be propaganda?

    do i hear the sound of your mind snapped shut ?

  5. And I suppose you're going to refer me to that "why he key" link full of all the "hard facts"...

    many of which are derived from either poorly conducted studies, inaccurately reported results, and misrepresented findings.

    Even members (and ex-members) within DoC have spoken out against NZ's policy to blanket dump this stuff ad-infinitum.

    Deploy cleaner, greener, albeit more expensive alternatives. And ban aerial applications full stop.

  6. right and the crazey old American guy and a bunch of cherry picked and twisted insinuations (like in the kiwi section) IS hard credible science? why do you guys listen to o'keefe rather than the research of hundreds of New Zealand ecologists and conservation scientists? The same reason you've got a misogynist, homophobic, Christian like Dunne as your political leader, maybe?

  7. Well for a start, O'Keefe isn't funded by DoC. And they are both well qualified on scientific research design and statistical validation.

    Are you now trying to argue that their appraisal report is invalid BCT?? Enlighten us please

  8. BCT I take form your comment you are a lesbian? Peter Dunne is freakn awesome!

  9. yeah he's really freakn awesome awesome man!! being a homophobic misogynist Christian bigot paedophile is just sooo coool !!!

    if you anti native bird and forest people wern't so sad you'd kind of be funny a lame kinda way...

  10. I guess you are a lesbian who was molested at a young age from a christian then. We are not anti forest and bird just your purist views!

  11. Back to your question BCT after your self-porported dialogue betw anonymous & lesbians as a bit of smoke screen...

    The credible scientists from the Poisoning Paradise doco are qualified skeptics - particularly in opposition to indiscriminate aerial applications of 1080! And who can blame them with the lack of credible science funded by DoC & AHB of the overall NET benefits!?

    Might I point out to you some of their qualifications as you seem to give the impression that the O'keefes' are the only reference source:

    Names & quals cited as per Poisoning Paradise, Ecocide NZ (these are just a handful):

    Dr Miranda Sherley (PhD, MBBS, BSc) - RSPCA Aust

    Dr Peter SCanlan (MBChemB, BSc, PGDipCommEmMed)

    Dr Sean Weaver - (pHD Geoscience)

    Dr Hugh Barr (pHD, MSc, BSc)

    Dr Patrick O'Keefe (pHD (Chem), MD, SCc (Chem)

    Dr Quinn Whiting O'Keefe (pHD, MA (Math), BA (Chem, Math)

    Michael Meades (BSc) - Entomologist (contracted to DoC for research)

    Terry BRownhill - Acclaimed British Journalist

    Ross Campbell - Morpork Conservationist


  12. Not to forget Dr. Jo Polard, animal behaviour scientist - PhD, BSc (Hons)