Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poisoning Paradise wins UK award

Poisoning Paradise, the Skeptic Society's Bent Spoon winner from 2009, has just won the best film award in the Environmental and Ecology International category at the Heart of England Film Festival in the UK. Poisoning Paradise was one of six international films nominated for the award.

This win is a strong endorsement for Poisoning Paradise. It seems it will take international intervention before the poisoning of our forests is properly addressed, and more responsible methods of pest management are employed.

We are still hoping national TV will play Poisoning Paradise, allow the public of New Zealand to become better informed, and make up their own mind about the reckless use of inhumane toxins.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with making Poisoning Paradise, and to all the brave people that gave their testimonies, evidence and expertise. You're all marvelous!

We're now working on a 3rd and final chapter in a trilogy of 1080 documentaries, which focuses on safer, more community-friendly alternatives to the aerial distribution of 1080 poison. This film is not expected to be released for about 6 months.

A video trailer of Poisoning Paradise can be viewed at Ends.

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