Monday, September 6, 2010

Chris Short - anti-1080 campaigner loses battle with cancer

Through his solo-man, anti-1080 protests, Chris Short managed to draw international attention to the aerial 1080 operations which he so despised.

For many years New Zealand authorities have subjected our wildlife and people to repeated aerial 1080 poisoning operations - and for many years the people have fought back. But few battlers are willing to walk the plank Chris Short chose.

Chris was battling cancer - terminal cancer - when he ventured up Mt Tongariro to demand that our documentary Poisoning Paradise be played on national TV.
This came completely out of the blue for us. We had only met Chris, briefly, while at an Animal Health Board meeting several months earlier, so we were humbled by his stance.
National TV was not to grant Chris's request, but he certainly drew interest from around the world.
As Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper stated "you have to admire a man that draws a line in the sand and then defends that stance, no matter what".
Chris died on Tuesday, the 31st of August - he was 51 years old.

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  1. You are a true hero for us all shorty.your deal with mother nature is complete.Rest in peace brother,Scotty