Monday, November 15, 2010

United Future to push for 1080 poison ban

Steve and I were invited to speak at the UnitedFuture conference on Saturday.
We presented a PowerPoint slideshow and talked about alternatives to 1080, and the new documentary we are currently working on.
 The new doco will demonstrate that there are many highly skilled and experienced people and organisations in New Zealand that can provide effective, and direct alternatives to the current practice of aerially poisoning our forests.
Below is the press release from UnitedFuture.

Media Statement
Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hon Peter Dunne
MP for Ohariu
Leader of UnitedFuture

Dunne: UF will push for total ban on 1080 poison

UnitedFuture will push for an immediate ban on 1080 poison when it enters government-forming negotiations after the next election, leader Peter Dunne told the party’s policy conference today.

“In the next Parliament we will seek an immediate ban on the continued use of 1080 in any shape or form.

“We want the millions of dollars currently going on this indiscriminate killer of our wildlife to be diverted to other forms of pest control, and scientific research on better options,” Mr Dunne said.

“One of the biggest threats across New Zealand is animals being killed and the poisoning of waterways by indiscriminate use of 1080 poison.

New Zealand should listen to the voice of the many communities who actually have to deal with this, and who are increasingly opposed to the impact of 1080.

“We need to have the focus on finding better ways to control pests and move away from this destructive poison,” he said.

Speaking at the conference, which was also addressed by Bryce Johnson, chief executive of Fish and Game, and anti-1080 campaigners and documentary-makers, Clyde and Steven Graf, Mr Dunne said New Zealanders could not take access and enjoyment of the outdoors for granted.

“There are serious and ongoing threats to that access – as we have seen recently with Timberland’s unfortunate stance banning access to Kaingaroa Forest and some top fishing rivers.

“UnitedFuture is fighting that and other threats to our outdoors heritage. We will not let the Kiwi birthright be taken away,” Mr Dunne said.


Mark Stewart | Press Secretary | Office of Hon Peter Dunne
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