Saturday, December 17, 2011

No more 1080 poison for Lake Taupo Forest?

A group of concerned Maori led by Dave Livingston and Australian lawyer and Maori law expert Michael Sharp, have come one step closer to ending aerial 1080 poisoning in the Lake Taupo Forest.

Dave Livingston stated that demonstrating that there was an alternative to aerial poisoning, was the catalyst. After the trial in which trapping was used, Livingston stated "we proved ground control will work. A 2000 hectare trial found only one live possum after monitoring was completed. The AHB was happy and have now given another block above Tokaanu, as a second trial, thanks to Brent Webster".

At the local AGM meeting, land owners unanimously voted against using 1080 poison in future. Great work, team!


  1. Well done Dave livingston. To actually have this result accepted by the Animal Health Board is in itself a huge step forward as I know for a fact that a lot of monitor results in the past were jacked to suit the Animal Health Board. A lot of monitors were not remployed if the result was done honestly cheers Lloyd Hanson

  2. 1080 replacement is coming {Zinc Phosphide}, last ten times longer and effects more animals and bird life. All Animals and Birds killed by this product die in or on the water which run into our lakes and water ways. Area Health Board animals control programme does not work .Animals infected have been sent to the South Island infecting other stock on the West Coast poison drops are due in the Taupo regin in July