Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who else wants to see this newspaper headline about 1080?

In July 2008, after seven out of 29 kea were killed in one area in a 1080 poison operation, our parliamentarians debated the wisdom of using a lethal poison that threatens a wide range of wildlife. Steve Chadwick insisted that DoC constantly reviews their biosecurity and that ERMA had recently conducted a review that concluded 1080 poison is the best pest control method available.

Strange isn't it then that ERMA had made its mind up about the fate of 1080 before independent scientists, conservation, recreation and community groups had been given the opportunity to give their evidence in the review? News media reported the leaked information about their decision weeks before individuals and groups were due to be heard.

There has been a change of government since July 2008, so perhaps it's time for John Key and his team to have another look at the facts. At a time of economic downturn, when the government is focused on a jobs summit, do you reckon it would be wise to focus on pest control options that encourage tourism, provide jobs and promote clean, green exports? We have sent him a copy of our documentary. Now might be a good time for you to email his parliamentary secretary at asking him for a 1080 ban.

Can't wait to see that newspaper headline!

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