Thursday, March 5, 2009

Campbell Live TV3 - Monday, 9th, March 7.00pm.

TV3 - Campbell Live Monday, 9th March
We were interviewed by TV3, Cambell Live Producer - Clayton Anderson, while filming Victor McClean, a ground-based trapper on the Coromandel, yesterday (5th, March)
The item is due for airing this Monday, the 9th of March, TV3, at 7.00pm.

"Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand" is going to be released in 2 versions - a full, comprehensive DVD, and a shorter, viewer friendly version.
The full version is expected to be released on the 20th of March, 2009.


  1. I'm really looking forward to viewing the DVD. The more pressure on the government the better.
    I operate a backpackers in Te Anau so wish to spread the word on the real truth about the poisoning of the NZ back country.

  2. Hi Paul, we are looking at passing through Te Anau, in about 6 weeks time, and were considering doing a film showing there.
    Do you know if there is much interest down in Te Anau?
    You could email me at if you get this message, and have any tips. Many thanks.

  3. Wea ll know does it not fit into a clean green country!

    I do believe if we would tell the world that we are poision our nature than we would have less tourist. In days of ression many people have more time to do the job. Grap the 22 and go for it. I am sure that the people of NZ would appreciate an income from skins.

    Maybe a job for John Key to stay a week in the bush and put his jacket by side to see whats really happening.

    I am sure he wouldn't mind!



  4. I am shocked and horovided. I am at this moment at the point to sign a nother contract to buy a peace of native forrest in the Coromandel aria.
    But now after seeing this I am afraid that I am buying a poisened piece of NZ land.
    How they can be so stuppid to dump it in this uncrontroled way over the country.
    Putting the bait in a box in a controlled way is the only responsbil option.
    How do I know for sure that my piece of native forrest paradise is not poisened by the NZ goverment?
    At my native forrest there is a pest controle system with boxes that are reguraly controled by hunters. But how do I know for sure that this 1080 comes not on my land from the nabour land that belongs to the goverment via streams and animals that have eaten this 1080 and stil walking free around and contaminating the rest.
    This must STOP NOW. Otherwise I asure tourisme and future real estate investers wil stay away.
    This is a uncontroled ungaided missile that wil hit back 1000X harder than it was intended on the Possums.
    Stuppid Goverment has learned nothing from the lessons we got World wide.
    And that the only reason is that this is the only cost affordable option is so BS.
    Use youre brains and you wil find out that there are fare more better options that even could bring in some extra money.
    Why not testing the possums on TB after capturing them and putting them in a enclosed Possum Farm. The meat could be a perfect sollution for a far bigger problem.
    We poeple do every few years a TB test wy not using this on the Possums instead and use them than a an alternative for other expensive meats.
    I am still shocked....

  5. Where can we get the DVD Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand?
    will there be a list with the land arias where it is spread?

  6. Clyde and Steve are away at the moment. They will put a blog post on here as soon as the DVD is available. They'll reply to your other queries when they get back. Thanks for your support.

  7. I understand this is mainly used to kill the rats.
    But wy dropping it from a plain?
    Please spread it with controled boxes instead.
    This dropping is insane and kills our future habitate.
    Whats the next they wil use agains NZ nature.
    Bloody stupid way of thinking to controle nature in this way.

  8. Our forests are being devastated by possums. I remember a few years ago when the giant Kauri of Waipoua Forest in Northland were being destroyed and the birds were silent. Then driving through a few months after a possum control programme using 1080 - the forest had renewed itself and the birds had returned. While I understand the concerns expressed, getting rid of possums and other introduced animals has to be the primary goal for forest health in New Zealand I can't see sending armies of unemployed people into the bush with guns is an attractive or viable alternative. DOC has my support.

  9. sodium fluorascetate should be banned in all forms and applications . we have enough health problems to deal with.So the sooner we get rid of this Poison the better


  10. I know this is an anti 1080 website, but if you are going to run a poll that you might use to show support for your view, you need to allow for all possible points of view. Your poll only allows responses to the question 'why a clean green country shouldn't use it'. About as dumb as the refendum question'should parents who smack as part of good parenting go to jail...' or suchlike.

  11. Actually, Colin, you are very free, on this site - unlike many other news sites - to post your view, as you just have. The trouble is, we have this 1080 stuff forced down our throats, by bureaucrat's and mis-informed people, that base their support for 1080 on rubbish science, bias studies and propaganda. The FACT is, there is not ONE, CREDIBLE scientific study that shows an overall benefit to any native species, not one! This fact will become more apparent as people take a closer look at what is really happening out there, and by looking at the studies, themselves. There are many supporters of DoC, that unfortunately absorb clever media campaigns, frilly advocacy stories and weekly news reports showing nothing but unproven assumptions. There is damage being done in New Zealand forests alright, and in our opinion, much of it is by the hands of the very people managing them.