Thursday, April 22, 2010

movie2movie film review of Poisoning Paradise

In September, 2009, the NZ Skeptic Society awarded Poisoning Paradise with their annual Bent Spoon award. This was of course, a derogatory iniative by the Skeptics, some of whom appear to be involved with the poison industry that Poisoning Paradise threatens.

Last month, a major movie reviewer based in the Netherlands, requested a copy of Poisoning Paradise to review. This came out of the blue, and may have been a result of the news attention that Poisoning Paradise received from the Skeptic Society's Bent Spoon award.
To read that review...please click here. You can translate into English by clicking the button at the top right of the web page.

Just to note - Sir Peter Jackson's latest movie "The Lovely Bones" (2009 - budget est 65 mill has scored 3 stars out of 5 in the ratings on this site.
Jane Campion's super movie "Bright Star" (2009 - budget est 8.5 mill -, getting 3 stars, also.
Poisoning Paradise, on its peenee, weenee budget of about $20,000, gets 3.5 out of 5!
Cool bananas!


  1. Clyde, could you please start a facebook page on behalf on "the graf boys - poisoning paradise" for younger people to get educated about the effect of 1080. NZ Forest and Bird is on there promoting it... so I think its only fair that they hear the horrific reality of it as well. I suspect you already have your hands full but thought Id mention it anyway. Cheers.

  2. that's sooo coool mean all the old people in my life like my parents and their parents and all my uncles and aunties who volunteer with Forest and Bird and go on endlessly about predator control and how amazing it is to be involved with kaka and lizards are actually evil poisoning shits!!

    the betrayal!!

  3. I would like to think not. I'm sure they have done a fantastic job. I suggest that they have been mislead, and deceived.

  4. i totally agree !!! 2 world wars and a bunch of depressions would have really muddled their brains ...not to mention having to work for a living (not that you'd be to keen on that eh Clydey boy wink wink ...)

    out on the front line of conservation you get to see it as it is .

  5. My garandfathers on both sides of the family also fought in the wars, they were fighting against dictatorship, the same philosophy AHB & DoC have adopted for pest control. The similarities are scarey, Hitler wiping out the Jews at all cost, AHB & DoC wipe out predators at all cost. No matter how much the public don't want this this carry on regardless of the public backlash. AHB & DoC Foolhardy or brave in the end all dictatorships are bought down. PCE

  6. I have a question for those of you who regularly go into the bush. How much damage do you reckon is done by possums? And how many do you think there are (because there's something wrong with our pest control if there really are still something like 50 million)? I reckon this is a con.

    Photos are often shown of places where the bush has been damaged by possum browsing and contrasted with photos of places that have not. I've been told by hunters that a lot of the damage that is attributed to possum browsing is ACTUALLY due to snow damage. How many of you would agree that DoC, F and B etc exaggerate the amount of damage done by possums?

    Jeepers, I've even read reports recently that have said possums are beneficial as seed dispersers, and this little comment - "... that a lot of the research on possums' actual impact on ecosystems is inconclusive."

    Stuff like this generally doesn't see the light of day because nobody wants us to stop seeing the possum as 'public enemy number 1' (description from a DoC blog). Thought this is interesting, considering we're on a bit of a war theme.

    I'm not saying the possum doesn't need to be controlled. I'm just wondering how much of this stuff about the possum has become irrational, with people talking about it like 'we're at war.' I reckon it's this irrational stuff about possums and fear and being at war that causes people to cling to the belief we have to 'blitz' them with aerial 1080.

    I don't think it does us any good as a nation to let our bureaucrats behave like this. K.

  7. There is a Facebook page in support of this issue. Here's the link:!/group.php?gid=107158372657239

    Please join us!

  8. The possum problem is so over rated, i have a large group of hunting friends and we never see evidence of possums causing problems, hell theres not even that many around for us to shoot