Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poisoning Paradise makes the cut in leading NZ film festival

The leading environmental film festival in the Southern Hemisphere - Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival - has selected Poisoning Paradise as one of its official films for the 2010 festival. Out of the 200 films, from over 35 countries - 40 feature films have been selected.
The official website has the full details, but here's a small snippet...
"The annual international festival opens with a ‘green carpet’ gala awards night at the
Regent on Broadway on Saturday 22 May. Auckland actor and
environmentalist Robyn Malcolm returns as MC along with Wellington band
The Black Seeds, plus guest presenter, photographer/filmmaker Vincent
Laforet of New York and Los Angeles." Read more at the Reel Earth website.
This is terrific news.
Because of the controversial content of the film, there has been strong Resistance with getting Poisoning Paradise screened in theatres, or broadcast in New Zealand.
We believe It is important that this film is viewed by as many Kiwi's as possible, and as disturbing as the production is - the content is fact, and defensible.
We believe it is only a matter of time, and New Zealand will see this extraordinary practice of indiscriminately, aerially poisoning our forests, ended, and it will finally go down in history as the the act of lunacy that it is.

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  1. Great news can't wait to see something done at last before we are all poisoned in some way
    Bob Sheilds