Sunday, March 28, 2010

Steve Graf responds to DOC paper on Poisoning Paradise

A short while ago, we posted the Department of Conservation's report that criticised the documentary Poisoning Paradise. Here is Steve Graf's response.


  1. Well done, Steve. It's a nice mixture of fact and feelings about something you are passionate about. I can tell that this response took a lot of work.

  2. You know something that really bothers me is that in their critique of your doco, DoC and the AHB don't address the dishonesty of contractors who have caused the deaths of stock, and then tried to cover it up by paying compensation for things like 'stock feed'. I'm horrified that even a small amount of that was exposed in the documentary but one farmer who was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement lost hundreds of sheep to 1080. How many more cases of this are we not aware of?

    I've also just read yet another report that says that there have been no human deaths from 1080, but I've seen a newspaper clipping recently somewhere about someone who died from 1080. I will see if I can track it down. Please let us know if you know of people who have been poisoned.

  3. Aerial possum control for 10 may with 1080 west of taupo from access 3 at tihio through to state highway 41 including all land south of sh 41 known as chadwick forest park and part of waituhi scenic reserve to top of the ranges

    A poisoning drop around westport created problems for 1 farmer 1 cow in his herd reacted to tb test which came back clear .a poison drop was made .the farmer found dead possums and ferrits on property. next tb test 25 cows were recorded with tb