Monday, March 1, 2010

Poisoning Paradise nominated for UK award!

The controversial 1080 documentary that won the Skeptics "Bent Spoon" award - and which saw activist Chris Short refuse to come down from Mount Tongariro unless it was screened on national television - has just been nominated for a more prestigious, UK film festival award.

Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand was entered into the Environment and Ecology category at the Swansea Bay Film Festival, in the UK.
"We anticipated resistance to the film in this country" said Clyde Graf, who co-produced - directed the film with his brother Steve, "however, we underestimated just how strong that resistance would be."
The Graf's believe the film will raise awareness around the world, and will attract more focused attention into the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand.
"We might finally get some unclouded, international scrutiny into this obscene practice of mass animal cruelty, and contamination that, up until now, has been concealed by the walls of our forests." Mr. Graf went on to say.

Poisoning Paradise is awaiting nomination in 7 other international film festivals.



  1. Whoop Whoop - go the Graf Boys - broadcast our blatantly bizzare 1080 wrongdoings worldwide!!

    Show the whole world what it is that we're doing to our environment.

  2. AWESOME STUFF - Waydego Clyde & Steve!!!
    I knew it all along - the people's truth will prevail!!
    Soon the last remaining creatures residing in our bush and forests will be saved from the DOC's (Department of Corruption's) indiscriminate and irresponsible blanket poisoning efforts to kill, kill, KILL all in the name of "pest control". Once it was "clean green" NZ - Now 100% PURE NO MORE!