Monday, March 15, 2010

"Graf's facts wrong"....everyone's wrong!....but DoC - DoC website

The Department of Conservation is getting desperate, it would seem.

In an attempt to try to stop their dangerous 1080 industry from being further exposed, they have added all kinds of false claims and foolish DVD's to their website. This move is counter productive, and actually provides proof to what many New Zealander's have been saying for years - that DoC have no idea what they are doing.

On their web-page, DoC imply that everyone opposing 1080 is "WRONG"!
Click here to view the web page on how everyone's wrong, but DoC.

To load a DVD of a person in a DoC uniform stating that they "believe" 1080 is helping a particular species, as evidence, is a classic example of DoC propaganda.
Of course, it amounts to nothing more than hearsay, guesswork, and wishful thinking - with no credible scientific evidence what so-ever. (The usual ingredients for DoC studies)
They've got away with it for years, and the famous quote......"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth", by Einstein, sums it up nicely here.

In another video clip, which includes bird song as their evidence, they try to counter a news item that an aerial drop of 1080 directly into snow, killed plenty of birds. (The extent that DoC
has gone to - to try to dismiss this tongue in cheek comment, is extraordinary. There certainly must be some truth to it.)

In another example - DoC state that 1080 does not kill freshwater crayfish, quoting the "study" done by Surren. It's another foolish assumption, as usual, to try to convince the public that this deadly poison is safe to native wildlife, and that if it doesn't kill them outright, who cares!
In this study, the crayfish were killed before they could die from the poison, which could take up to several weeks, if it does in fact kill them. (But we don't know, because DoC have yet to study how much 1080 it takes to kill freshwater crayfish).
Even so, the DoC have chosen to ignore the more important question - what happens to the crayfish after they've eaten the bait? What happens to the birds and eels that eat the crayfish that have eaten the bait? How does it affect their long term breeding, and ability to fight disease, should they recover? We don't know, because DoC have never studied any of these long term effects in New Zealand wildlife.

In fact, their claims contain little credible scientific evidence what so ever.
There is not a single, credible, scientific study that shows a net population benefit to any native species through the use of aerial 1080 poison - not one!

For DoC to use their uniform, and the authority that's meant to go with it, to mislead, and fool the public is unacceptable. And to use tax payers money to try to smother truth, and freedom of speech, just helps to confirm that New Zealand is indeed, a Nanny State!


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  2. How do you suggest we stop pests from destroying our forests?

  3. clyde will tell you that a mythical army of unemployed will charge out of bed for $15.00 p/h summer and winter to manage bait stations at 50 metre squares over thousands of hectares to control possums and pests...

    to see scientific research into 1080 Google "Impacts of 1080 on Taonga Species" a Lincoln University site... or better yet check out for heaps of vids and links to info about 1080.

  4. for the freshwater video by Landcare Research goto Youtube and search Trakabat ..also has heaps of other vids...and for hardcore propaganda and smoke (also on Youtube) search birdscantalk

    kia kaha

    p.s if you're so bored as to be reading this thread get involved in a species recovery project and find out what's really happening with our birds and forests.

  5. Species recovery.....STOP 1080!!!!!
    The best way to manage pests is ground control there are plenty of self motivated people to do it, they don't get the opportunity because of greedy chemical scientists who dropped 10,000 tonnes of compond 1080 in our water and on our land last year. If you really want to see what is happening to our birds and forest go to the Whirinaki and have alook at the pig & rat population explosion. Don't piss around with UTube....see it for yourself. This area was plastered with 1080 twice in 2006 and the pigs and rats are out of control. Go and see first hand what BCT is advocating.......buger all Kaka's, and birds in general, nice green foliage and lots of pigs to dig it up, fat rats to predate on whats insects and birds are left. Wow.....from what I've seen 1080 sets a massive inbalance in an ecosystem that could have been managed with ground control without affecting non target go on check it out for your self.

  6. pigs aren't the problem for species recovery...they are a pig piss off for traitors like Clydey - boy cause they eat poisoned possum carcasses and also the pig dogs that will scoff downa kiwi as fast as a dead possum also get knocked down.

  7. "Don't piss around with UTube...."

    thats right... don't seek the truth with your own eyes .. listen to the poisoned words of hunting and pest meat industry lobbyists like Clydey
    not to mention the industry financed movies he's posted on the 'tube and is busy pimping around the country and overseas

    search Trakabat and birdscantalk on Youtube and get involved in a species recovery project in your area...

  8. The reason the pig population is exploding is because pig hunters are staying clear of poisoned areas like the Whrinaki. 1080 did not kill the pigs + very little hunting pressure = lots of hungry pigs. Same formula for the rats, I know because I spend plenty of time in there and not looking at your propoganda on Utube......what a joke. I support the Graf boys because they show what I see, the Kaka population is pitifull in there now. Now get in the forest and look at your devastation/decimation of natives. Species recovery "STOP 1080"

  9. BCT/Aliensatemybrain, you really are clutching at straws..

    Keep up the great work Graf Boys - keep pushing the anti 1080 profile internationally!


  10. Well done Grafs - hopefully the poison pushers will start to realise that the damn stuff kills everything and with great cruelty - we have a very real chance of killing our exports and we haven't a clue what damage it is doing to our next generation - how about some of those brave persons who have been using the poison come out and tell us the real truth about their fertility issues - it is not just one of you but many, come on you big tough poison users, get your problems out in the open - truth can not hurt but your silence will mean another group of young men will be short of offspring.

  11. Great work! It can only be a matter of time until the tourism industry or wild venison/meat export trade takes a hit as a direct result of 1080. Perhaps then you will be properly heard?

  12. I'm not sure if you are aware of this Clyde. But one of your associates (Graeme Sturgeon Thames-Coromadel) paints the whole anti1080 lobby group in a very bad light with his behavior of targeting females, threatening people, and making all manor of unfounded accusations and ignorant statements while hiding behind his "sturg" trademe handle. While meanwhile another of your associates (Duncan farmer, currently running for Thames-Coromadel Council) hides behind his "bumshot" trademe handle and advises people to deliberately poison their neibours pets and livestock in order to cause awareness of 1080.

    I am quite actively anti 1080 myself, but if its this type of irresponsible behavior and individuals that have your support, then you certainly will never have mine. Its hard enough to make effective inroads as it is without morons like these two undoing all our hard work.

    K. Smith


    A nice example of the anti-1080 brigade at work