Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poisoning Paradise selected in Japan Film Festival

Earlier this year the Japan Wildlife Film Festival requested Poisoning Paradise be entered into their festival.

The festival runs once every 2 years.
This from the JWFF website.....
"Holding its first festival in 1993, the festival is organized biennially - every odd year in Toyama prefecture, Japan. With the cooperation of Wildscreen in Bristol, U.K. and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in Wyoming, U.S.A., it has become the largest event of its kind in Asia and Pacific Rims. The festival receives over 400 film entries from over 40 countries and is attended by some 40 thousand members of the public who come from all over Japan."
We received this news today from the Japan Wildlife Film Festival...


Your film, Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand, was chosen out of 359 films from 50 countries to be one of 30 films to be shown at the JWFF 2011...

International intervention may help New Zealand begin to understand the devastating effect the use of broad spectrum, ecosystem annihilating poisons like 1080 are having on our environment. 

There is not a single, credible scientific study that shows a benefit to any native species through the use of 1080 poison, not one. Yet this insane practice continues, and on a daily basis, so does the propaganda.
Bureaucrats continue to destroy our native heritage and wilderness areas and continue to use propaganda as their only crutch. 

Poisoning Paradise has won 2 awards, one in the UK and one in Ireland. It was nominated in another London festival prior to the 2 wins.

There are better ways. Our new documentary on the alternatives to 1080 will be released later this year.


  1. Kudos for the superb blog page!

    Well done too for winning international awards for your documentary.

    The whole 1080 is a horrendous tragedy to our country. A real pity that apart from 'Poisoning Paradise' showing on the Maori Channel no deserved recognition has been given in NZ for delivering the profound truth. However the corrupt bastards in NZ who are responsible for this absurd poisoning protocol surely are getting nervous with the tremendous work you guys are doing! Keep it up!!!

    Daniel Clout
    New Plymouth

  2. Thanks for the comments, Daniel.
    Actually, Poisoning Paradise hasn't played on Maori TV. That was our first doco called A Shadow of Doubt.

    Maori TV refused to play PP, presumably afraid of litigation.
    Poisoning Paradise is far more disturbing than A Shadow of Doubt, and no major tv channel in NZ has been willing to broadcast it - to date.

    I hope that stance changes. It would be far better for our country to be informed about 1080 and decide for themselves, than have the international community open our eyes and decide for us.

    One thing's for sure - the poisoning of our forests, and the entire ecosystem, must stop.

  3. I think the fact that every single NZ TV channel refuses to play this piece of propoganda is a lot more telling than a couple of small international festivals picking it up. With any one-sided 'documentary', knowing the broader context is critical. New Zealand audiences would see through the bullsh*t in an instant. Don't forget, the New Zealand Sceptics Society awarded it the 2009 Bent Spoon Award!

  4. If the use of 1080 is so wonderful, and such a great thing, then there is nothing to worry about.

    DoC and the AHB have produced at least 3 of their own doco's to counter Poisoning Paradise.

    Their docos are bias - it's the nature of the beast.

    Their docos are also weak, and have no substance, and when pedalling propaganda and half-truths, the audience pick up on it.

    People in green uniforms, presenting nonsense, no longer works. People want facts, and SOUND science to back up astounding statements. When it comes to 1080, there is no benefit to any native species, just evidence of harm. (Please also see Dr. Jo Pollard's latest 5 book report)

    To be fair, I suggest that TV3 broadcast DoC's best pro-1080 doco on TV, and also play Poisoning Paradise. Then the public can be better informed.

    However, If Poisoning Paradise was shown on TV, there would be outrage over the use of 1080 poison in this country.

  5. The last thing I read about the Sceptics Society was that they went out for a celebratory lunch to make fun of Ken Ring's earthquake prediction ... and then there was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake a few hours later. I'm not linking the two things. Just pointing out that the sceptics deal in extremes and they enjoy making fun of people, instead of looking at evidence with an open mind. Lately they've come across as arrogant twats. It might be better if they spent their time analysing the research into 1080 and critically look at the concerns of Quinn and Pat Whiting-Okeefe, one of whom is a specialist in research evaluation.

  6. Hey does anyone want to watch the new movies by DoC called: DoC worker shoots big pukeko in Fiordland! or how about DoC poisons 40% of the Haast Kea population! or DoC poisons top breed horses near Turangi! or How to drop 700kgs of poison into pristine Fiordland lake! or How to screw up venison recovery with 1080 tainted meat! or How to kill numerous pet dogs slowly and painfully while the owners watch on! or the No1 new release, how to drop 4 tons of a super toxin per year from the air indescriminently with no antidote!!

  7. Jo Pollard runs a business selling deer meat to pets. This is hardly a surprise as most anti 1080ers have a vested business interest in getting rid of 1080. Like yourselves they are not conservationists but hunters or pet meat dealers. Sad

  8. So DoC are the supposed to protect Biodiversity yet they allow a super toxin to be dropped indescriminently that kills native species and has no benefit to anything, wow thats conservation! The AHB are protecting a multi-million dollar meat/milk industry by dropping tonnes of 1080 everywhere when immunisation against bovine TB would be more effective. EPRO near Taupo are making millions of dollars dropping 1080 around the country side by getting all of the contracts from businesses that offer more cost effective and environmentally methods-I smell a rat!