Saturday, April 16, 2011

SPCA invite us to present to their South Island Inspectors

Last weekend SPCA flew Steve and I from Wanaka to Nelson, return, to talk to their South Island inspectors about the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand.

We used a Power Point presentation to discuss some of the issues, and also showed a recently edited dvd of a necropsy we conducted on one of the many deer we found in the recent Westland drop.
The footage spoke for itself, and clearly demonstrates the extensive suffering animals and birds endure before they die from 1080 poisoning.

We will be including some of the footage in our new doco that also explores the alternatives to the use of 1080 (that authorities continue to ignore), to be released later in the year.

It is clear to us that SPCA are becoming more informed, and more interested in the way 1080 is used to kill and maim wildlife in New Zealand. Good stuff, SPCA!

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  1. We have just watched poisoning paradise as part of a research project my son is doing for school. I have never been in favour of 1080 but had no idea that the animals suffered such a cruel death. Keep pushing your views, so that more people are aware of what this terrible stuff does.