Friday, July 2, 2010

Bill to ban the manufacture and export of 1080 introduced to U.S. Congress

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Congressman John Campbell (R-CA) introduced the Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide Elimination Act (H.R.5643) before the U.S. Congess, yesterday (NZ time).
The Bill - To amend the Toxic Substances Control Act to prohibit the use, production, sale, importation, or exportation of the poison sodium fluoroacetate (known as ‘‘Compound 1080’’) and to prohibit the use of sodium cyanide for predator control.
"We are extremely excited about our chances of finally passing this bill to ban these two deadly agents that indiscriminately harm and kill wildlife, pets and people." Said Brooks Fahy, of Predator Defense, who has been working on this issue for several years.
"In the past few years we have garnered significant Congressional support for this legislation and have built a coalition with other environmental organisations that have backed us with their expertise and seasoned political strategists." said Fahy.

This is great News, and sends a clear message to our government ministers and authorities, that here in New Zealand we should be considering the same. For too long this country has been married to the indiscriminate, aerial use of 1080, which puts the welfare of our wildlife and people at great risk. However, Animal Control Products, a New Zealand state owned enterprise based in Wanganui, has a stock pile of 1080 which is estimated will last for several more years, should the U.S. bill be successful.
None the less, this is certainly a step in the right direction, and may open some doors to encourage more critical thinking when it comes to the careless use of 1080, like we see in New Zealand.

Maori Party MP Rahui Katene intends to draft a member's bill to ban the use of 1080 poison.
This is another great move, and indicates clear thinking from The Maori Party.
To view press release - Click Here

To see the US bill, click on this link - Bill to ban 1080

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