Monday, July 26, 2010

Police apologise for incident on West Coast

Inspector John Canning, of the Greymouth Police Station, today phoned and apologised for the conduct of a police officer from his district, that was involved in the incident in which one of our camera microphones was broken. The incident took place at one of the recent Westland 1080 protests sites, on Monday evening, the 5th of July.
Inspector Canning was caught up in the incident after it appears he was informed by area staff that it was the behavior of Clyde Graf that induced the reaction, and that this behavior was the cause of the microphone to be torn from its mount by a police officer. However, film footage from the incident contrasts this view.
The comments published in the Hokitika Guardian and Greymouth Star newspapers, 2 days after the incident, were considered as defamatory.

Inspector Canning also suggested that we arrange a quote for the damaged microphone, and forward it to Greymouth Police Station, for payment.
Inspector Canning stated that he has begun an investigation into the incident.

To view the incident posted on a You-tube by Wyn Hibberd, click here.

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