Friday, July 16, 2010

SPCA need to act on DoC & AHB mass scale, animal cruelty

Over the last month, the west coast of the south island of New Zealand has been subjected to the single largest aerial 1080 poison operation, in New Zealand history. The area covered is over 90,000 hectares.
These drops are happening all across
New Zealand, on a weekly basis

Last Tuesday we were again flown
into the 1080 poison drop zone, through the generosity of helicopter pilot Peter Salter.
We decided to explore the coast side of the road.
The pristine beaches and public highways were given a 150 metre buffer zone. Very generous. Residents and farmers water catchment's are not so fortunate, and as is always the case, poison is dropped directly into all waterways under 3 metres in width, within the drop zones.

We landed on a river bed, and then ventured into the hills.
Soon after arriving, we came across a deer that had been poisoned.
Her head was in the usual position, stretched awkwardly behind
her back, and her legs extended straight out, as is consistent with
the convulsions that increase as death nears.

The bright sunlight was streaming through the canopy,
and illuminated the hind's eye. The massive blood vessel damage was obvious.

Deer are none target animals, and it is illegal to poison deer with 1080 in New Zealand.
Scientists estimate 20,000 deer are poisoned every year with 1080 poison.
How do our bureaucratic authorities get away with it? Easy, they say they are not targeting deer! That simple response, exempts them from prosecution.

A vital point is, it's not just deer that are subjected to this most abhorrent method of animal control - some others included are - dogs, cats, goats, possums, rats, cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, hares, many species of birds, insects, and even people (often considered the least important, and some believe, considered among the rats and possums).

Poisoned animals can take from several hours, to several days to die from 1080 poisoning, and there is NO antidote.
We decided to do an autopsy.
We have been filming and making documentaries on the use of 1080 poison for over 4 years. We are now working on our 3rd, and final, in our trilogy that covers the environmental ecocide that is taking place in New Zealand forests.
Yet, we have never conducted an autopsy on an animal before.
I don't know why!

When we rolled the hind over, it was apparent that blood had been pouring out of her eyes and her mouth.
We have heard reports from farmers that have stated their animals eyes bulge out of their heads after being poisoned with 1080. Seeing is believing.

The second thing we observed was that the deer's bladder was restricted, and contained blood.
We are told by the users of 1080 that poisoned animals do not suffer, and that they simply fall asleep, while dying. Very misleading, indeed!

Steve conducted the autopsy, and he has butchered 1000's of deer, wild and domestic. He was a butcher in the venison works for several years. Our father has also butchered 1000's of wild deer. Never have either seen such internal damage, even by a mislaid bullet!

The hind's lungs were severely damaged.
An animal that has been humanely killed has bright pink, puffy lungs. Not so with a death by 1080 poison!
The lung damage helps to explain the orange froth and blood that is often found oozing from animals nostrils and mouths.
Keep in mind, it takes hours, to days, for these animals to die, and they number in the 1000's, in most aerial poison operations.

The hind's rear end was extremely swollen, bruised, and appeared to be filled with blood.
Steve inspected the area that should normally be clean, and free from hemorrhaging.
Once again, what was revealed was gross bleeding, and obvious, prolonged suffering.

Who are these disturbed people, that spread such distress?
Who are the perpetrators of such horrific animal cruelty?
I'll tell you they're our own Department of Conservation, the Animal Health Board, and the Regional Councils!!!

Why would these people commit such crimes?

Because they choose to be ignorant, and refuse to believe the truth when it stares them in the face. Our field staff simply believe what our authorities tell them - and so they should - but sometimes a little bit of thinking is required, to keep the balance.
A great man once said...
"Unthinking respect for authority, is the greatest enemy of truth!" That was Albert Einstein, and it's as relevant today, as it was when the great man walked the earth.

Parts of this story was published in today's Greymouth Star - minus the photos - the photos were considered too emotive!!!!!!!!

DoC spokesman, Ian Gill stated in that report..."Clyde has simply not found the massive level of carnage that he thought that he would find and so he is playing with people's emotions", he said.
"What he is failing to tell people is that he also knows that gut-shot and wounded deer also die agonising, slow deaths. He has a very selective concern."

Are you serious, Mr. Gill? As was stated, we have never seen such internal damage, even on an accidental, "gut-shot" animal, ever!
We have many years of experience in the venison industry, unlike most employees of DoC, and to try to dismiss this repulsive act, under the guise of emotions, just confirms DoC staff's callous inDoCtrination.

What these animals are put through has nothing to do with emotive! This is fact. This is happening. This is a serious crime, that must end!

There is no disputing that 1080 is too inhumane to be used in this way.

Our brave people in SPCA must add their weight to help stop the perpetrators - that are beyond moral judgement, and ethical behavior.
SPCA, It is time to risk sacrificing your jobs, your relationships with these authorities, and stand up for what you are meant to represent - the humane welfare of animals, domestic or wild!!!

Please keep your eye on the US bill to have 1080 manufacture, import and export, banned.


  1. Clyde & Steve,

    Keep up the good work!!! The more the "forces-of-evil" react & denigrate you both the more effective you are in getting to them !!!

    Even if Rep DeFazio is successful in closing the plant in Alabama down, the sneaky bastards here will add another empire to their current one & make the evil stuff here in NZ!!!!
    Have the Govt & the other "forces-of-evil" ever answered the question " Why is 1080 banned almost everywhere else in the world?????"
    I have been listening carefully for an answer to that question for years & have NEVER heard an answer!!!! Perhaps we need to ask it more often????

    Dave Mingins ( Rotorua )

  2. what about the external autopsy of the birds you claimed died from 1080 that in fact froze/starved to death and no trace of 1080??

  3. The issue here is the way 1080 kills. The public of New Zealand have been mis-lead, and lied to, about the way 1080 kills, by being told animals simply fall to sleep, and the process is humane! The truth is, the truth can no longer be ignored!
    ...What about the 9 birds found dead just off the side of the road to the Rainbow Sky field, in easily accessible country, that could have been managed by ground control???
    The birds were found dead on top of the snow - not under it - indicating they died after the weather cleared - and AFTER the poison was dropped.
    The bait was dropped after the snow had finished falling. No birds were found dead in snow outside the drop zone.
    DoC was responsible for dropping tons of poison into 12,000 hectares of snow covered forests. This was like dropping the deadly poison directly into water!
    The bright coloured baits stuck out like lollies at the dentist, in the pure white snow, attracting any hungry bird to eat them!
    At least one scientific paper says that 1080 may be undetectable in small birds, if they are over 3 days old, before testing.
    So, if 1080 residues are undetected, this does not rule out 1080 as cause of death...especially after 3 months has lapsed before test results are returned!!!
    Tests conducted for 1080 residues (according to a phone conversation with the government research facility that conducts 1080 tests) take about 10 days to be returned.
    DoC took 3 months to return the results on the birds we handed in. Of the 9 dead birds we found in the small area we searched at the St. Arnaud drop site, DoC tested only 4. Of the 9, there were 5 Silver eyes - a native bird of NZ - found in good condition. Out of the 5 Silver Eyes, DoC tested 1! The other 3 birds tested were Grey warblers.
    Strangely, we believe we only found 2 Warblers, 5 Silver eyes, and 2 Black Birds.
    But the real issue regarding bird deaths, is - there is plenty of evidence that aerial 1080 poison drops are killing up to 40% of some native species, and many have never been studied.
    We need to concentrate on better methods of pest control, using co-ordinated management, humane trapping - and if poisons are to be used - they need to be non-residual, humane, and managed by man on the ground! When we get that right, we're on the right track for New Zealand.

  4. In regard to the deer, you raise a very good point.
    The manufacturers label states that "all carcasses (even the ones that are illegaly killed with 1080 - like deer) must be picked up and burned, or buried deeply."
    However, in New Zealand, all animals killed by 1080 are left to decompose, where they die, be that on land, or in water!
    Unfortunately there are 1000's of deer killed by 1080 every year. Many other animals like goats, dogs, birds, possums cattle, sheep, horses and bats are also killed. It would be impossible to abide by the manufacturer's label when the poison is aerially dropped. So our authorities who distribute the poison just claim we are different in New Zealand, and it doesn't matter that native birds like kea, falcon, ruru, weka, pukeko, and hawks feed on poisonous decomposing carcasses. For the animals that die in streams, they are consumed by endemic eels - but this is all acceptable in New Zealand!!! Don't ask me why. I guess when there's money involved, all commonsense just goes out the window.

    In regard to the "" - this is a pro-1080 site, that presents much propaganda, and uses fear, not truth, to try to justify their wrong doings. I think the site actually presents those responsible for committing ecocide in New Zealand - on a plate!

  5. i cant wait for the big tararua 1080 drop its gonna be quite good hopefully kill a few birds deer and pigs piss a few hunters off i dont care because i have my own privet hunting blocks which have never had 1080 and never will its awsome...

  6. t dont you fuck wit graf boys open your mouths in a drop zone and swallow some 1080 you fuck wits dont know fuck all

  7. Swallow some - great idea. That way you won't break your teeth, which is the only way you'll be harmed. Read the Uncle Jacko article at page 48 of the March 2010 FMC Bulletin:

  8. Some of the recent commenters should get a better education or attend an anger management course.

  9. from what I know 1080 is coloured green so that birds would not recognize/ be attacted to it so when you said "The bright coloured baits stuck out like lollies at the dentist, in the pure white snow, attracting any hungry bird to eat them!" i wonder how true your statement is? I'm not trying to be annoying, I genuinely want to know (I'm writing a paper on 1080 use in conservation for my class so your view would be helpful)

  10. There have been trials on what is the best colour to dye baits. Many colours were tested, and green was not the best option. Up to 50% of tagged birds, in some studies, have been killed during 1080 drops. Although some are secondarily poisoned, many are primarily poisoned - meaning they eat the baits directly. I would be happy to supply you with a copy of Poisoning Paradise, (which shows the proof and evidence of harm from 1080 drops) free, for you to view, and to help inform of some of the important facts, for your project. Cheers.

  11. I would be very interested in a copy of your dvd. Im undecided on this issue and have heard very good things about this film. It would be great if you could send a copy to me please. Pascal Tellenbach 84A Hall Street Cambridge New Zealand

  12. Hi Pascal. The full version dvd is available from our website - If you have any problems, or are unable to afford the price of the film at this stage, let me know by email at and I'll see what I can do. All the best.