Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AHB not worried if US closes factory - AHB can source 1080 from China???

In a recent press release, Penny Fairbrother of the AHB stated that the AHB are not concerned with the Alabama 1080 factory being closed down because they could simply source 1080 concentrate from China. (click here for news link)

We understand there is no legal source of 1080 in China.

However, it is believed 1080 is being produced illegally in China - where it was reportedly banned years ago.

The following medical report and comments were supplied anonymously...


Ho¨ jer J,1 Hung HT,2 Du NT,2 Kylin H,3 Rosling H.4

1 Swedish Poisons Information Centre, Stockholm, Sweden;
2 Poison Control Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam;
3 Department of Environmental Assessment, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden;
4 Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Background: Since January 2002 well over 100 cases of rodenticide poisoning have been admitted to the Clinical Toxicology Unit of the PCC in Hanoi. The responsible product is brought illegally from China, where it is illegally produced. It has been suspected to contain some organic fluorine compound. Methods: NMR spectroscopy, using standards of fluoroacetamide and sodium fluoroacetate as references, was used to analyze four liquid samples of the type of rodenticide ingested. The clinical findings in three typical cases are summarised below:

Case series - Initial GI symptoms - Hyperreflexia, rigidity, S-CPK ". Recurrent seizures

ECG findings - Hospital duration = outcome...
8 years, F accidental Yes Yes Yes T inversions and supravent. tachy. 11 days=survival
17 years, F suicidal Yes Yes Yes Prolonged QT; SVT 7 days=survival
21 years, F suicidal Yes Yes Yes Prolonged QT; VT; ventric. fibr. 1 day=fatal

Results: The presence of sodium fluoroacetate was demonstrated in all four rodenticide samples analysed. Conclusion: Although the extremely toxic substance sodium fluoroacetate has been banned as a rodenticide in China and Vietnam for many years, extensive illegal use is apparent and severe cases of intoxication are numerous.

Are the AHB considering negotiating with an illegal supplier of 1080, who may be responsible for hundreds of cases of human poisonings? Should they come clean with the NZ public and explain exactly who their proposed source of 1080 is in china, and prove that they are not dealing with anyone who is guilty of supplying 1080 illegally? Certainly!

  Click here for link to US bill to ban 1080

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