Thursday, October 28, 2010

Macquarie Island Poison Drop Kills More Than Expected

Macquarie Island, situated between Tasmania and Antarctica, has recently been subjected to an aerial poison drop.

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The drop is similar to the one conducted on Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands, off Auckland last year that is believed to have killed over 7 dolphins, large numbers of penguins and fish, and hundreds of native birds...and some suspect, the mysterious dog deaths that were attributed to poisonous sea slugs.

The 24 million dollar project has reportedly been halted - after it was found to have killed 431 native birds, from 6 species -  until a review has been completed.  Click here to see story

The 300 tonnes of Brodifacoum bait designated for the Macquarie Island project was manufactured in New Zealand.

Click here for link to Parks and Wildlife Service Pest Eradication Project

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  1. once brodi has been manufactured it has a limited shelf life of approx 3 months,after which it is useless,what has happened to the 100,s of tonnes left over after it was not used,and who pays for this loss