Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The government has agreed to fund a 4 million dollar trial on the effectiveness of a new, self-setting, instant kill trap which targets possums, rats and stoats. Click here to see press release. Super stuff!

The trial won't start until next summer, 2011/2012, and will run for 3 years - which means more 1080, in the mean time, which is concerning.

This new step in testing and developing this trap is good news, no question.

But why has it taken so long to develop something so simple? This trap is a result of private enterprise - good old kiwi ingenuity - should it not have been a government funded research institution that developed something so simple? Apparently not.
Why? Because our government funded - alternatives to 1080 - departments are looking for alternatives by developing new poisons. New toxic substances that can be dropped from aircraft - always developing that more lethal, targeted poison - and as a result, we believe, they're not putting enough effort into responsible, targeted trapping technology.

For heaven's sake, we can build huge bridges that span harbours, put tunnels through mountains, put man on the moon (I think), carry hundreds of people through the air at a time, from country to country - and you tell me we can't catch a few possums, rats and stoats? Non-sense!

We need to replace, or re-educate our inDoCtrinated, poison loving bigwigs that currently run our pest management departments. What's needed is sensible, humane, and clean-green thinking, community minded appointees.
We may then start to see harmony, unity, and respect return to communities, and to those charged with managing our wilderness areas.


  1. Didn't DOC fund the trap's development?

  2. Unfortunately, the only thing DoC (tax payers) have been funding, and advocating, is the mass-scale, cruel, and colossal devastation of our forests through the use of aerial 1080 poison. However, because of public opposition and awareness, we are starting to see DoC having to be seen to behaving more responsibly. It has taken 23 years for DoC to act on something so simple, and effective. It's an outrage... however, it's also good news!

  3. "Industrial design company Goodnature developed the machine with the help of a $250,000 grant from DOC."

  4. Clyde, as the post above has clearly illustrated DOC have funded the development for the new traps. Yet you post up emotive waffle basically denying this and trying to take away as much credit away from DOC as possible.

    Quite frankly you are starting to sound like some mentalist halfwit who is not so much anti 1080 as they arejust completely poisoned with an irrational hatred towards DOC no matter what they do.

    All I can say is its a good thing that the bulk of the general public don't display the same irrational thinking that you do towards those that you perceive have done wrong.

    Because while DOC may not perfect, neither are bank robbers, are they Clyde.

  5. Yes, it's a fair comment, I been wondering the same. Thanks for the wake-up.

  6. Why oh why do both sides in this debate end up resorting to the BS name-calling?

  7. I would like to see the figures, the millions of dollars, that have gone into pest management research in say the last 15 years, since DoC published "Possum control and the use of 1080 in New Zealand". Yes this self-setting trap is a good thing, and the DoC grant to support its development is a good thing, it demonstrates a turning of the tide. The writing is on the wall for 1080, and the Graf Brothers work has contributed much to help turn the tide.