Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over 110 million dollars wasted killing possums, every year!

Every year New Zealand spends over 110 million dollars poisoning, and killing possums to waste.
The possum-fur industry is currently worth over 100 million $ in revenue.
We need to use this wasted 110 million  AgResearch estimate to encourage the possum industry, using humane and targeted pest control methods, and stop poisoning our forests - the entire ecosystem.

There is a good argument that the fur industry simply encourages cruelty to animals. However, In New Zealand, it is widely accepted that introduced pest species need to be managed - namely - stoats, possums and rats. It is important to ensure that this pest management is done in the most humane way possible, and most of those who oppose the use of 1080, would agree with this.

The following story Major threat to forests is in big demand  was printed in the Wanganui Chronicle, today, and Possum Fur Ripe for Export Growth in the Bay of Plenty Times.

For those opposing the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand, the answer has always been obvious.
With fur prices for the feral possums now exceeding $130 per kilo, when sheep wool is less than $2 per kilo, it's a no brainer!

The alternative is the same now, as it was years ago. I posted The Alternative over one and a half years ago. It's as relevant now, if not more so, given the news reports above.

Target the pest, and NOT the entire ecosystem!

For a short time, view the multi-award winning documentary Poisoning Paradise - click link below

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