Wednesday, June 29, 2011

International 1080 poison review the first step

On Friday I attended meetings arranged by United Future, in Turangi and Taupo.

There were 5 of us on the panel, addressing the crowds - Hon Peter Dunne, Doug Stevens, Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper, Alan Simmons, and Myself.

At the Taupo meeting Peter Dunne stated that an international review into the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand would be a likely first step in the process of having the practice banned in New Zealand - when United Future is reelected in November.

This would give the public of New Zealand, for the first time, a fair and balanced, scientific investigation.

You've got my vote, United Future!

The news item,  can be viewed here....International 1080 Poison Review Likely


  1. Be interesting to see the outcome alright. Why isn't Dunne just sticking to his proposal to ban 1080 anyway, without the need for a review first?

    What would you consider an acceptable way to fund this review, and to select the people to carry it out?

  2. It would be publicly funded. I think that would be reasonable, given the last 2 contaminated reviews. After-all, it's of significant importance to our country, and needs to be done, asap.

    In regard to selecting the reviewers - it's a good question. There will be a way in which this can be achieved. Perhaps - once expressions of interest are received from qualified researchers, there could be a ballot. The more expertise involved, the better.

  3. Publically funded? You mean funded by the Government?

  4. 1. Watched your film lastnight Clyde, yous done a great job. Thankyou.

    2. Wouldn't hold my breath, regarding Dunne's electioneering tho. Why waste tax money doing a review?

    3. If the decision was mine to make? There would be:

    a. an immediate ban;

    b. an in depth investigation;

    c. govt officials been prosecuted;

    d. & if found guilty imprisoned!

    2. & the view of prosecution for treason!

    3. As they're traitors to the health & wellbeing of the:

    a. NZ Govt.

    b. & the public both local & abroad.

  5. Thanks for your input - I wish you had the authority to make the decision to ban 1080. Cheers.