Friday, June 24, 2011

United Future to ban 1080

The following comments were recently posted at The Green Unplugged Film Festival....

16. Posted on 22.JUN.11  From : Guest
Less than a year after the creation of the EPA in the US, 1080 was banned from its only intended use as a bait collar to control aggressive coyote populations in the western states and rodent control because it was so cheap to produce.. If New Zealand has a representative government, public outrage should be able to achieve a ban of this product especially since the only party that benefits from its purchase is the government itself. Only four countries allow its use today and in those countries it is primarily used as a rodent poison. The solution seems rather easy via elections or legislative action to have it banned. The harm is obvious to any one and the benefit is unproven at any level. Demonstrations are not the answer but information, such as this video, and informing elected officials from the affected areas that depend on votes would solve the problems quickly. The international community will only help if their own food supply is contaiminated by imported New Zealand products.

17. Posted on 22.JUN.11  From : 
My comment number 16 was posted as a guest. I live in South America but worked in the environmental business in the US for over 20 years. I based my comments from experience. Surely you can show this film in high schools and universities to educate voters. This tactic has worked in many areas in the US and any change will have to come from the educated youth. I know the US is no paradise but it does have many restrictive environmental laws that are enforced and most legislation was pushed by youth, house wives, and the elderly who vote in great numbers. The only countries now using this product are third world or blatantly corrupt governments. New Zealand is better than this and has enough scientific information to have this product banned. I am ashamed that the only place it is manufactured is one of the poorest states in the US. I wonder what the employees tox screens look like after years of working with this poison.  Ends
This is an election year.  It is now United Future policy to Completely ban the use of 1080  when they are elected. The advice above is pertinent. It's worth making your party vote United Future, if you would like to see New Zealand true to its image.

Poisoning Paradise, and further comments, can be viewed by pushing this link ...

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